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Tianjin CNRO Science& Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and application promotion of low-oxygen controlled atmosphere protection technology, involving cultural heritage controlled atmosphere protection, Chinese herbal medicine (tobacco) low-oxygen insecticidal and controlled atmosphere maintenance, and active low-oxygen fire prevention/fire extinction, modern constant humidity controlled atmosphere storage, controlled atmosphere preservation of fruits and vegetables, hypoxic fitness and medical rehabilitation. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in overall solution design, system integration, equipment production, and installation services.


CNRO has formed an independent intellectual property system, has more than 300 patents and has participated in the compilation of a number of national and industry standards; it has also undertaken a number of national and municipal science and technology plans, and obtained appraisal results.


CNRO has "Cultural Heritage Protection Technology Research Center", conducting conservation researches based on the damage mechanism of organic cultural relics, metal cultural relics and non-metallic inorganic cultural relics, mainly including design and research of prouct and preservation system for cultural heritage and precious cultural relics; research of different types of enclosure structures and their sealing technology, air cleaning technology, temperature and humidity control technology, nitrogen and oxygen separation technology, intelligent control and digital information technology as well as the active low oxygen fire prevention technology.


CNRO creates values and promote the development of the industry by putting customer’s demand first and seeking for development on the basis of its own core technology.


Tianjin CNRO Science&Technology Co., Ltd.

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